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Under the aegis of “Fondation de France”, the foundation “Félix et Eliane Genève” is the result of a militant commitment by farmers from a little city in France called Pommiers la Placette. The foundation supports collective actions with the aim of helping farmers, abroad and overseas, engaged in a familial agriculture, and to support diversification activities, including an open reception for all, in a process of popular education.

Pommier Pommier
Felix et Eliane Genève Felix et Eliane Genève


Felix has an atypical and turbulent life course, that he transforms in positive energy. He shared his life course in his autobiography called “De Pommiers la Placette à Dien-Bien-Phu”. Raised with popular education, his difficulties forged his humanistic values, for the defense of farmers in France and abroad. The fight against the poverty of peasants is the strong idea of the founders’ commitments, in Africa and elsewhere. Eliane and him contributed to the structure of many farmers networks, in France and abroad, with host form at the farm, to maintain the families on their land. After Felix passed away, Eliane decided to create this foundation to continue their commitment.


The aim of the found is to make people aware of our actions. This website allows you to make a donation to support them. If you are a farmer and you wish to receive support, the foundation will be pleased to help you. For more information, click on “HELP US”.

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